Friday, 4 July 2014

A Election Message from Nicola Morrison Labours Candidate in the forthcoming County Council bye election

Politics is all about keeping your promises
Dear Resident Longhoughton is suffering under the coalition. 
We’ve seen local jobs lost through privatisation of HMP Acklington and search and rescue at RAF Boulmer, we’ve seen the cost of living rocket in ‘rip off Britain’, a broken promise on tuition fees, the ditching of the Education Maintenance Allowance for our young people, a broken promise on VAT increase but they kept their promise and cut taxes for millionaires.

 In just one year, a Labour council has kept its promise to build affordable homes with over 300 built or in planning in year one, free car parking promise kept to boost our businesses, a promise to balance the budget with savings of over £30m because of coalition cuts, a promise kept to clear the pothole ‘blackhole’ which stood at over 35,000 only one year ago and created hundreds of apprenticeships for our young people in its first year.

Promises are important to me and I believe you can’t drop your principles because you want the trappings of power. I’m standing as a Labour candidate because I believe they will keep their promises to back Longhoughton, Craster and Rennington.
It’s your choice at the ballot box and I would be honoured if you put your X next to my name. Nicola Morrison

Coalition Shocker You’ll be shocked to hear that the coalition announced plans in the Queens Speech to give developers the option to slash the number of affordable homes.
The coalition is standing up for developers not local communities. I promise to make sure that your ward gets its fair share of affordable homes for local people.

Committed  Your issues are important to me

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