Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cllr Grant Davey, Leader of the County Council said: “The survey results have been very valuable to us as a council.

Blyth has its say on local services
10 October 2014
Over the summer months, the County Council has been asking people across the county how they feel about where they live and Blyth’s results are back!

The information has been fed back to all the relevant services and the council is now sharing the results and explaining what it is doing to address the main issues raised.

People were asked specifically what was worrying them about where they live, what they were enjoying and what one thing would make their life better. 

The results showed how much people enjoyed living close to the beach, appreciated the local parks and play areas and felt that they were part of a real community.

However, there were some common concerns including the decline of the town centre, drugs, anti-social behaviour, litter and dog fouling. 

The council is doing lots of work now, and in the future to tackle these concerns.  For example, in the town centre, there have already been improvements to the Keel Row bus station and there are plans in place for the Commissioners Quay development which will include Blyth Workspace.  A restoration package has also been proposed for the Poundstretcher store on Bridge Street, to repair and conserve the outside of the building.

The authority is regularly surveying the town centre for signs of damage and to identify areas that are hot spots for litter and dog fouling and regularly need to be cleaned. Our Civil Enforcement Officers (who issue parking tickets) have now also been trained to issue fines to people they see dropping litter or not picking up after their dog.

Cllr Grant Davey, Leader of the County Council said: “The survey results have been very valuable to us as a council.  They have shown where the people of Blyth have real concerns which means we can then make sure we are doing all we can to tackle those issues that matter most. This is also an opportunity for us as a council to talk about the work we are already doing and explain our future plans. 

“It was heart-warming to read about the community spirit people feel in Blyth and to hear how much people enjoy our beach and green spaces.  Our coastline is beautiful, and we have some great local parks and play areas.  It’s important that the council also does everything it can to maintain these for everyone to enjoy.”

To find out more about the issues that were raised as well as the work the council is doing to address these, please go to the Blyth survey results page here

The council has surveyed residents in Blyth, Ashington, Berwick, Morpeth, Hexham and Amble so far.  These results will be available very soon.  We will be surveying the Cramlington, Alnwick, Haltwhistle and Prudhoe areas over the next few months.

Blyth project shortlisted for Great British High Street Awards

Blyth project shortlisted for Great British High Street Awards 10 October 2014

Blyth’s ‘town team’ has been shortlisted for the coastal category in the Government’s Great British High Street Award. The project entered by Blyth Town Team is the Community Rowing Club, which has involved over 20 partners from the Port of Blyth and the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club to councils, businesses and most importantly the local community. 

 The club has taken a unique approach to attracting footfall by building a community rowing boat, and working with British Rowing and the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club to create a community rowing club and build a skiff in the town centre’s retail shopping centre. 

 The project has been a great success, leading to the development of a constituted rowing club, interest in empty stores, an annual event on the National Maritime calendar, the development of a regional maritime watersports facility and the bid to host the 2016 world skiff championships in the town. 
 You can show your support for Blyth in the awards on Twitter using #GBHighSt or by visiting 

 Blyth Town Team is an independent charitable organisation that was formed to help drive Blyth forward. Formed in 2012 the group includes representatives from across the local area who wish to work actively to regenerate Blyth. You can find out more at